How to plant a tree

Before you plant a tree correctly, you need to deal with the seasons. The most favorable time period for this procedure in most regions of Russia is spring. However, for the southern territories it is best to do this in the fall, since in this territory the seedling may not have time to take root when the hot days arrive. This entails burns and death of the plant — tree planting houston

In the central part of our country, how to plant a seedling correctly does not depend on the selected season. You can do this both in the spring and in the fall with equal success. For the northern regions, the most appropriate time of the year will be spring.

If you plant a tree in the northern part of Russia in autumn, then it may not have time to acclimatize and die from a banal hypothermia.

So, to plant seedlings correctly is easiest in the spring, if it is not about the southern region. Planting a plant at such a time has several advantages:

At this time of the year, you can freely observe the process of plant development, as well as participate in it. Therefore, the probability that the tree will freeze is practically absent.
There is more time to carefully prepare everything: add all the necessary fertilizers to the soil, carefully plan the planting plan, prepare all the tools. This will allow you to perform the procedure several times more efficient.

Unfortunately, tree planting in spring has two drawbacks. These include:

Provided that the summer is very hot, the owner will have to water his tree almost every day. Therefore, it is not always possible to land somewhere in the country, away from the place of residence.
In spring, the selection of seedlings in the market is greatly reduced, unlike in autumn. Therefore, they need to be bought in advance.

Preparatory work

How to plant fruit trees First, you need to prepare the seedling itself. It is necessary to carefully examine its root system and cut off all rotten, dead or damaged roots. This can be done using a regular secateurs. Too long roots are recommended to be shortened.

There is an opportunity to improve root formation in the future tree. To do this, it is necessary to immerse the roots of the seedling in a special solution that stimulates growth. It can be purchased at any specialized store. It is recommended to pour the root of the plant with this solution 10 days after planting. It will take about half a liter of substance per tree.

The next step is to prepare a pit for landing. This step begins by choosing the right place. It’s no secret that the vast majority of trees require as much sun as possible.

Plus, you should pay attention to the trees that will be adjacent to the seedling. For example, cherries and apple trees can easily coexist and give good fruits. A pear is not recommended to be planted next to cherry plum, cherry or plum. This can damage both plants.